Volume 19 (2010)
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Issue 1

Special Section

Exchange rate pass-through and exchange rate dynamics
Pages 1-2
Helena Marques, José García-Solanes
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New evidence for exchange rate pass-through: Disaggregated trade data from local ports
Pages 3-12
Yushi Yoshida
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Data frequency and exchange rate pass-through: Evidence from India's exports
Pages 13-22
Sushanta Mallick, Helena Marques
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Exchange rate pass-through in New Member States and candidate countries of the EU
Pages 23-35
Ramón María-Dolores
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Devaluation and pass-through in indebted and risky economies
Pages 36-45
José García-Solanes, Fernando Torrejón-Flores
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Devaluation and pass-through in indebted and risky economies
Pages 36-45
José García-Solanes, Fernando Torrejón-Flores
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Regular Articles

Art works in international trade theory
Pages 64-74
Ronald W. Jones
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A simple model of service trade with time zone differences
Pages 75-80
Toru Kikuchi, Kazumichi Iwasa
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Leverage-reducing exchange offers and bondholder–stockholder wealth transfers: A re-evaluation
Pages 81-94
Pattanaporn Kitsabunnarat-Chatjuthamard, Peter Lung, Takeshi Nishikawa, Ramesh P. Rao
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Stock return, risk, and legal environment around the world
Pages 95-105
Wan-Jiun Paul Chiou, Alice C. Lee, Cheng-Few Lee
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The pricing and hedging of structured notes with systematic jump risk: An analysis of the USD knock-out reversed swap
Pages 106-118
Shin-Yun Wang, Shih-Kuei Lin
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Real exchange rate misalignments
Pages 119-144
Cristina Terra, Frederico Valladares
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Optimal investment strategies in an international economy with stochastic interest rates
Pages 145-165
Linda Sandris Larsen
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Corruption and wage inequality?
Pages 166-172
Biswajit Mandal, Sugata Marjit
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Book Reviews

Review of “The external dimension of the Euro area: Assessing the linkages”, Edited by Filippo Di Mauro and Robert Anderton with preface by Jean-Claude Trichet, (Cambridge University Press, 2008).
Pages 173-174
Lawrence L. Schembri
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Review of Money, interest, and policy: Dynamic general equilibrium in a non-Ricardian world, (by Jean-Pascal Benassy, 2007).
Pages 175-176
Robert R. Reed
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Issue 2

Special Section

Recent development in China's financial markets: An introduction
Pages 177-179
Donald Lien, Yulu Chen
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Corporate governance structure, managerial discretion, and the R&D investment in China
Pages 180-188
Jing Dong, Yan-nan Gou
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Finance-growth nexus in China revisited: New evidence from principal components and ARDL bounds tests
Pages 189-195
Abdul Jalil, Mete Feridun, Ying Ma
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Detecting hot and cold cycles using a Markov regime switching model—Evidence from the Chinese A-share IPO market
Pages 196-210
Haifeng Guo, Robert Brooks, Roland Shami
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The role of Chinese stock market in global stock markets: A safe haven or a hedge?
Pages 211-218
YiHao Lai, Jen-Ching Tseng
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Investment and the soft budget constraint in China
Pages 219-227
Clement K.W. Chow, Frank M. Song, Kit Pong Wong
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Regular Articles

Communication in repeated monetary policy games
Pages 228-243
Nurlan Turdaliev
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Cross-listing premium in the US and the UK destination
Pages 244-259
Marcelo Bianconi, Liang Tan
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Intra- and inter-firm US trade
Pages 260-277
Catherine Yap Co
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Foreign capital, return to education and child labour
Pages 278-286
Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi, Sarbajit Chaudhuri
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Intra-day seasonality in foreign exchange market transactions
Pages 287-294
John Cotter, Kevin Dowd
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Openness and interest rates: An analysis using the MIUF model and transaction cost model of money
Pages 295-303
Satoko Takamatsu
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Consumption tilting and the current account: Evidence from Canada
Pages 304-312
Rebecca Braeu
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Market efficiency and international diversification: Evidence from India
Pages 313-339
Mehmet F. Dicle, Aydin Beyhan, Lee J. Yao
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Skilled–unskilled wage inequality and offshore outsourcing with asymmetric adjustment costs
Pages 340-345
Avik Chakrabarti, Rajarshi Mitra
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Breaks in the chain of comparative advantage
Pages 346-348
E. Kwan Choi, Henry Thompson
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Book Reviews

Review of “Overcoming the Savings Slump”.
Pages 349-350
Julie R. Agnew
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Equilibrium, trade and growth .Mitra Tapan and Nishimura Kazuo, Editors, Selected Papers of Lionel W. McKenzie, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass (2009).
Pages 351-352
Anjan Mukherji
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