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Books available for review:

Mergers and Acquisitions in European Banking
by Franco Fiordelisi, Professor of Banking and Finance, University of Rome III

Progress-Driven Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Finance and Regulatory Issues
by Zuhayr Mikdashi, Professor Emeritus, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

The Multinational Enterprise Revisited
by Peter J. Buckley (University of Leeds) and Mark Casson (University of Reading)

Electronic Markets
edited by Craig Standing, Edith Cowan University

Interest Rate Models, Asset Allocation and Quantitative Techniques for Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds
edited by Arjan B. Berkelaar, Joachim Coche and Ken Nyholm

Profiting from Diversity
edited by Gloria Moss, Bucks New University

Financial Crises and Recession in the Global Economy, Third Edition.
by Roy E. Allen, Professor of Economics, Saint Mary's College of California