International Review of Economics and Finance is a quarterly journal devoted to the publication of high quality theoretical and empirical articles on all aspects of international economics and contemporary finance issues. Contributions that facilitate the communications between the real and the financial sectors of the economy are of particular interest.

International Review of Economics and Finance is a blind refereed journal published by Elsevier Science and contains a book review section. The journal is indexed by SSCI, Journal of Economic Literature, Econ Lit, EBSCO, Scopus, and Finance Literature Index. 

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Volumes 1-15 (1992-2006)
Volume 16 (2007)
Volume 17 (2008)
Volume 18 (2009)
Volume 19 (2010)
Volume 20 (2011)
Volume 21 January 2012
Volume 22 April 2012
Volume 23 June 2012
Volume 24 October 2012

Volume 25 January 2013

Volume 26 April 2013
Volume 27 -June 2013

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University of Texas at San Antonio

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News: International Review of Economics and Finance is now indexed by the SSCI.

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